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The Seven Types of Mobile Social Commerce

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Until recently, I used to put mobile social commerce in the same category as Woody Allen’s blockbusters and Rick Perry’s bad hair days; it’s something that couldn’t possibly exist. When defining it properly and exploring the possibilities, though, it turns out that mobile social commerce is flourishing.

The concept of social commerce can be taken literally, as in making a purchase directly through a social media property. This can be done, such as renting “The Big Lebowski” and watching it on Facebook. That’s happening now, but as a revenue stream, it’s insignificant. Far more important is the degree to which content shared through social media is influencing purchasing decisions, which is happening on a massive scale, as illustrated by a stat roundup on Social Commerce Today.


Stop Thinking Like a Web Surfer and More Like a Mobile Phone Addict

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Analysts believe that by the middle of the decade mobile internet traffic will increase by 400 percent. This matters for those interested in the long-term state of SEO strategy. If this amount of mobile internet use is correct, then it’s safe to assume that internet access through traditional computer terminals will decrease to some extent. Google noted earlier this year that mobile searches are far surpassing traditional desktop searches The changes could be minimal or they could be drastic. It depends on the evolving nature of 4G Android phone and Apple iPhone technology, and the resulting way in which people search for things.


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